Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Xtraordinary! X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

We are down to the third X-Men movie in the Xtraordinary series! Now X3 did have many great scenes (although the movie as a whole is an entirely different story!). The main problem is that these scenes only seem to be inserted for shock-value & to deem the movie trailer-worthy! And all of us know that though the movie sucked, the trailers were awesome! (Thankfully something that didnt happen in the case of X-Men First Class I hear).

Anyways so as a result to what a huge dud the movie was (critically), there aren't many videos from X3 available for the scenes that I actually wanted to showcase out here :(

The scene I wanted to post out here was mainly the one in which Magneto stops the tuck holding Mystique & helps her escape. Other scenes I liked from the movie: Mystique in the interrogation room, Storm flying, Angel's wings & Magneto's bridge transportation (although this was one of those scenes that really wasn't needed & was just used for the drama & CG. Couldn't there have been a huge trailer truck on the road that the Brotherhood stood on top off & Magneto move that entire truck. But where's the fun in that! lol).

Though the transformation of Mystique was done well it wasn't my favorite scene cos I remember when I first saw it I was PISSED they made her turn human so early in the movie! lol

Bottomline is that the video posted below is a X3 trailer, but hey, it contains most of the best scenes from X3. Enjoy!

Next stop- X-Men Origins: Wolverine! AND THEN? I'll be going to see X-Men First Class on Friday! WUHOO!

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  1. dude i feel your pain about the movie!

  2. Lol! The truth is at the time when I first watched the movie in the cinema my only main grouse was about them getting rid of Mystique so early on...But soon after that I realized this wasn't the 3rd X-Men movie that we X-fans deserved!

    Still wonder what it would've been if Matthew Vaughn was the director for that movie too! I think he's gonna be like Marvel's Nolan for the X-Men! lol


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