Sunday, 5 June 2011

Xtraordinary! X-Men (2000) Pt. I

In this "Xtraordinary!" segment, I'll be showcasing clips or artwork from X-media that I really love...

Now, X-Men: First Class has yet to be released out here in India. It was to release on the 3rd like everywhere else but has gotten postponed to the 10th :( So I thought why dont I rewatch the previous X-movies & post clips of my fave scenes from em?! It's more awesome than posting a review or something like that. Besides there's no point of a review cos we X-fanatics must've watched em an umpteen number of times anyway lol!

So I've finished watching X-Men (2000) & my first fave scene from the movie is posted below...
In this scene, Mystique's first-EVER transformation is shown & to say it's glorious would be an understatement (for me at least). The way the scales rise & envelope her body with such grace & beauty is gorgeous. And I especially love the way they enclose right down to her toes! When I watched the movie today I dunno how many times I rewinded & rewatched this scene frame by frame just to see the way those scales move...And dontchya just enjoy the face kicking she delivers to Senator Kelly?? Geez this chick doesn't even need a gun! lol

The above is a slightly weird video i know (the uploader seems to be some sort of feet fetishist! lol) but the video still serves it's purpose here :P

Personally, I think the makeup & prosthetics for Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique is WAY better than what Rebecca Romijn had to go through (Rebecca's makeup is too shiny to look like real blue skin & the prosthetics look a wee bit plasticy imo) BUT from what I've seen from the trailers I didnt go so gaga over Jennifer's FX transformation as I did over Rebecca's. There seems to be much more detail to that of the original trilogy's Mystique than in First Class. But I can only say for sure once I see it on the big-ass screen on the 10th! :D

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