Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Xstatic! X-Men First Class smashes Wolverine in India!

YAY! When I read this news it was like music to my ears...err, heaven to my eyes...? :P

X-Men First Class released last Friday (June 10) out here in India & has done splendidly indeed! Let me list out it's weekend achievements:
*Made a record weekend opening of Rs 10.02 crores (that is $2,277,273 to be precise)
*Faired better than all the Hindi movies that released that Friday
*Accomplished the biggest opening for a non-3D Hollywood movie in 2011 in India
*Registered the 2nd biggest opening of 2011 for a Hollywood film in India, racing ahead of Fast 5(!!)

Magneto attracts the money

Another positive thing to note is that the X-Men franchise has been mostly on an upward trend, gaining increasing profits from India with each release. Rewinding back, X-Men Origins: Wolverine grossed around $1.5 million in just its opening weekend in India. X3, X2 & X-Men got a TOTAL gross of $943,600, $781,689 & $809,304 respectively, from India...

Ahh! I feel so satisfied now that I can visualize the Fox execs scrambling to make a First Class sequel & possibly fast-tracking a sequel to the original trilogy as well!

Awesome days to be an X-fan that's for sure! :D You can read the entire article about this from the Times of India!

Wanna watch XFC in HD anytime you want at home?? Pre-order your Blu-ray &/or DVD today! And if you haven't got X-Men Origins: Wolverine on Blu-ray/DVD you can order that out here too!

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