Sunday, 5 June 2011

Xstatic! X-Men First Class beats Thor in midnight opening!

In the Xstatic! segment I'll be filling you X-fans in about some X-media (movies, TV shows, comics, etc) or the other that is faring successfully...

Today I have some thunderous news for you X-geeks! X-Men First Class HAS best Thor at its midnight opening. While Thor managed to summon $3.25 million at 1,800 locations, XFC has telekinetically attracted $3.37 million at 1,783 locations! It's not much of a difference but if this keeps up, the projections predicted for this movie could well come true & may even surpass it!

XFC cash!

Fox has said they are anticipating earnings between $45 and 55 Million from their cash cow...And I do remember reading somewhere about expecting it to reach a cool $65 million! Let's cross our fingers for now...And watch it in theaters more than once ;P

You can read more about all the x-numbers here...

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