Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Xstatic! X-Men First Class enjoys a No. 6 spot at the US BO!

Another weekend, another $6 mil for X-Men First Class! Yup X-fans, although X-Men First Class was at No. 4 last week in the US Box Office, it falls just 2 spots below in it's fourth week to enjoy it's No. 6 position with an additional $6 mil+ added to it's kitty! :D

It managed this despite the number of theaters screening the movie being reduced by 742! A total of 2,633 cinemas screened the film. And now the total (domestic) gross for XFC is...(drum roll please)...$132,895,408! As of June 27 that number has gone to $133,754,373! To check out how it's faired in the weeks past in the US read these articles now!

Here's where X-Men First Class stands at the current US Box Office:
1. Cars 2 $66,135,507
2. Bad Teacher $31,603,106
3. Green Lantern $18,028,056
4. Super 8 $12,028,092
5. Mr. Popper's Penguins $10,145,662
6. X-Men: First Class $6,680,480
And just FYI, The Hangover II rests just below XFC at No. 7 with $5,574,179 while Pirates 4 & Kung Fu Panda 2 are at No. 9 ($4,928,925) & No. 10 ($4,173,144) respectively.

Overseas, XFC has made $186,658,643 (upto June 27)! So as of June 27 XFC has netted a total gross of $320,413,016!! And with an (effective) budget of $140 mil this is a great profit for the franchise! Here's to more X-sequels!

Once again, Box Office Mojo helped me get all this info to you. Will update this post once more details appear on the weekend overseas numbers...

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