Thursday, 2 June 2011

Xpose! Emma Frost from X-Men: First Class

Here's our first (official) look at the Hellfire Club's White Queen Emma Frost (played by January Jones) from X-Men: First Class, in her diamond form!

 Diamond Emma Frost

For the uninitiated, Emma Frost is another powerful telepath from the X-verse. She can also turn her body to indestructible diamond but cannot use her telepathic powers when she is in diamond form. She's known to be both with & against the X-Men & in this movie she's with the Hellfire Club led by Sebastian Shaw (played by Kevin Bacon). Click on the pic below to see both her & Sebastian exchange cold stares:

Frost & Shaw

And for those of you who are confused with the 'Emma Frost' character in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, just know that the filmmakers have ignored that story completely. So that (conveniently) gets rid of the continuity issues for the Emma Frost character. However if you want compare the diamond effect for that Emma you can click the pic below:

XOW Emma Frost

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