Sunday, 12 June 2011

Xhibit: My X-Men: First Class Poster Creation...

In the Xhibit segment I'll be posting works of my own :P related to the X-Men...I'd really appreciate your feedback on all of these.

Quite a while ago the X-Men Movies India page on Facebook had started a competition wherein we X-fans send our entries of our own poster creations for the movie. Still awaiting the results for the contest, so dunno yet if I've won.

I've already won for my FB profile pic I made (which is the same profile pic here too...) Hadn't created that dp for the contest itself but after posting it on that same group with the XFC badge they created, I won that contest! A larger version of that dp is below:

Anyways do check out the poster below & sound off in the comments section! What did you like about it & what can I do to make more awesome posters in the future...?

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