Wednesday, 29 June 2011

XD I Got "Mugged" on my Birthday! :p

Okay, okay...So I know a post has been long time coming from me but I have a REAL valid reason X-fans: Monday (27th June) was my birthday. And having a party on Monday for pals ensured my weekend would be busy & hectic! But it was great, so thanks for asking! lol

Now how did I get "mugged" on my birthday. Well one of my best friends, Sheetal, gifted me this awesome surprise! She knows what a HUGE X-fanatic I really am- she's aware about the blog & how much I loved X-Men First Class & all that...So her gift was only fitting: a totally RAD X-Men First Class mug! It's so cool! Check out the pics below!

Do notice the nice touch of my cybername "njferns" in the bottom corners of the mug's picture!

Now you wouldn't know this but I won 2 out of 3 competitions held by the X-Men Movies India FB group. In fact I had got the call on Monday itself to go & collect the prizes! But being my birthday & all I obviously haven't done it yet.

The first contest was for the best profile pic that was posted on their Wall, having the custom-made XFC badge they had created for us X-fans in the group. You can see the profile pic I had created out here. For this I'm getting an X-Men First Class mug (yup another one for me! lol) & a X-Men VCD. The funny thing was that when I was unwrapping Sheetal's gift I was just telling her about getting an XFC mug for this contest & when I completely opened the gift & was getting her mug out I was stunned (I dunno for how long I had my mouth open! lol) & then we both had a hearty laugh!

For the second contest I won a 15" LCD monitor(!) for my answer to the question they posted:
Do you think humans need supernatural or mutant abilities to help bring crime to justice or can it be achieved without it?
My Answer: "As we have already seen, whether you have superpowers or not a mutant is very much capable for using them for good & evil. Just like we are capable of using our intelligence & talents for good & bad purposes...So it doesn't matter if you have superpowers, justice can still be achieved.
"Superpowers can make a Professor X but they can also make a Magneto. So powers never matter, its the heart, conscience & personality of a person that matters & their will to do & see good things happen in this world.Superpowers can never be the answer to fighting crime in a real world. For all you know it may cause more problems & complications."
What say X-fans? Agree with my answer? Or do you have another point of view? Would love to hear 'em!

Once I do collect these prizes, I'll definitely be updating this post posting about it! And don't worry guys, more regular posts from now on once again! :D

UPDATE (30/6/11): Check out all the pics of the prizes I won out here! yup, finally collected them this afternoon! :D

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