Thursday, 30 June 2011

XD I Got "Monitored" AND "Mugged" by X-Men Movies India! :p

Okay, so from this post all you X-readers of mine (I'm starting to veer towards the term X-rays lol- how you'll like that?! haha) found out that I won not one but two contests that were held by the X-Men Movies India FB group...And I did promise all of you, pics of the merchandise once I picked it up right? Well this is that post & below are the pics! Just picked 'em up this afternoon! :D

This was the mug that I was talking about...Looks plain at first sight, but then check out the third & fourth pics below! :D

The mug's all worth it just for this awesome red logo that all we Marvel fans know & love! :)

Turn the mug on the right & you get the Fox studios logo!

Alright now imo Fox India has committed a grave sin by palming off X3 VCDs as one of the prizes LOL! What about the X1 & X2 VCDs? haha Anyways it's all good. Love the cover itself! lol

Now the mother of all prizes that I may have EVER won in any competition in my life! A 15" AOC LCD monitor!

Ahh! I can stare at this pretty pic for hours! LOL A hell lotta thanks goes out to the guys running the X-Men Movies India FB group! You guys ROCK!

And congrats to the two winners who won mugs & VCDs for the poster competition I wrote about here !


  1. Awesome prize buddy - you deserve it! Have you used the mug yet? Shaz

  2. Thx Shar! No cos I'm using the mug my friend gave me for my bday lol(just see the alternate post below this one)! I've kept it nicely...for posterity & my X-memorabilia collection :D


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