Friday, 17 June 2011

X-names...What the heck do they mean??

Looking for the meaning of words in a dictionary is soo passe! lol Nowadays it's FTW! :D

That's precisely how I landed on this nifty article that they had featured on their main page (in honor of X-Men First Class of course!). Pretty rad idea...I mean, it being an online dictionary, what better way to cater to the X-appetite (that is bound to grow after watching XFC) than providing us with meanings of the X code-names! I mean until I saw this page I never even knew that "Magneto" was ACTUALLY a word! I just thought it was the word "magnet" with an "o" added at the end lol!

So check out the link & brush up on your X-vocab! You won't believe how different the personalities &/or  powers of some X-Men are from the meanings of their names!You can see the definitions in list-form, as flashcards or even play a quiz to test your knowledge of the names!

And when we talk about the X-codenames, I think we all think about that awesome scene from X-Men First Class where they choose they aliases! It was precisely what I was talking about when I spoke about the "camaraderie shown between the characters..." in my review for X-Men First Class.

Watch the awesome scene below. And if this video turns out to be some sorta spoiler to any of you guys cos you haven't watched the movie yet, I just have two words to say to you...Why not?! ;P :D

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