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Factoring X: X-Men First Class Worst Gaffes (Spoilers) Pt. I

In Factoring X, I'll be discussing various issues with regards to the X-Men be it in movies, TV or comics. Today I'm discussing about what changes have been made to the original comics stories to make it suitable for the X-Men First Class movie. AND I'm gonna pass my verdict if the changes worked for the movie or not...

We have all seen the movie been praised to the skies, but we all know it isn't perfect (at least for comic book fans) & there are many out there still cussing Fox studios despite the high critical acclaim the film has received. And perhaps, to call them the "worst" gaffes is pretty harsh, but I wanted a rhyming title alright?! lol So let's just get down to it. I'll be starting my "Gaffe List" in the order in which they appear in the movie.

I Magneto's powers didn't manifest until much later in his life, not when he was in the Auschwitz death camp. During this time, he went by his name- Max Eisenhardt. After surviving the Holocaust, he married Magda, a girl he met at Auschwitz. It was when Magda & Anya (their daughter) were trapped in a burning house that Max first used his powers consciously.
Did it work? Hell ya! The scene where little Erik first truly unleashes his powers was the first scene (amongst others) in the movie that gave me the chills. A scene like that could have come across as comical or silly but Vaughn brought out the absolute frustration & yes, anger & pain of the character in that one scene!

II Sebastian Shaw. He was never a Klaus Schmidt at Auschwitz. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania & his power first manifested shortly after he joined engineering school. By 30, he became a millionaire through his company Shaw Industries. By 40, he was a billionaire! The movie becomes more accurate to the comics Shaw once it goes to the 60s. He does become the Black King- leader of the Hellfire Club, helped by Emma Frost.
Did it work? Here I'd say no. Here's why- Shaw's character in the flashback (Schmidt)- seems a lot like Dr. Nathaniel Essex, more popular by the name of Mister Sinister. This guy did actually work with the Nazis during WWII doing genetic research. He's also known to be responsible for many monstrous creations. And if this Shaw character in XFC means we may not get a Sinister in a future movie (or worse- a changed Sinister character) then I say they should've rather gone with Sinister himself! Especially considering his history involving the Summers' (Cyclops') family & Apocalypse!

Sebastian Shaw X-Men First Class

III The mansion may be the same, but what went down in the Westchester House in 1962 is a completely different story! Mystique never figured into Charles' early years AT ALL- let alone be his adopted sister!
Did it work? Hmm, well yes & no. It was cool to see little Mystique do a transformation of someone much larger in size than her, but seeing her shake hands with Xavier & become his foster sister? Meh, not so much.

IV Charles went through hair loss much earlier in life than in the movie. It happened as soon as his powers began to manifest. Also in the comics, Charles lost the use of his legs not because of Magneto. It happened after his encounter with an alien- the alien, called Lucifer, threw a stone block on Charles, subsequently shattering his spine & crippling him.
Did it work? Yes to both! The many changes in Charles' character simply made him more likeable & interesting. So that was a change for the better. And the comic book reason for Xavier being confined to the wheelchair? Are you kidding me? The movie version is way cooler & makes more sense to the average moviegoer! And I'm sure that'd be Xavier's pickup line in the sequel- "Yeah got in the chair after getting shot by a bullet in my back..." lol

Professor X X-Men First Class

(Continued here)

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  1. you lost me at the wheelchair but that was at the end sooo, good job. not that you were looking for approval.

  2. lol! Hope that doesn't mean you didn't read the Pt. II post... :P

    And thx for the compliment :) Not looking for "approval" yes, but comments & compliments will always help to make this blog become better... :)


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